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Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom (PS3)

Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom (PS3)

GameShop Malaysia

  • RM 7590

To Save the Kingdom, the Greatest Alliance Between Man and Monster is Forged! Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is the modern incarnation of inspired partnership gaming, seamlessly integrating problem solving, combat and an engaging story line in a fluid cinematic experience like no other!



  • Forge an alliance: Partner with the powerful monster to cooperatively battle the forces of darkness and creatively solve massive puzzles
  • Discover a whole new world: Journey though the mysterious fallen empire full of adventure, creatures and puzzles and seamlessly explore the lush forsaken kingdom
  • Diverse gameplay action: Experience the perfect gameplay mix combining stealth action, problem solving, platform navigation and combat
  • Legendary developer talent: Directed by Yoshiki Okamoto, whose previous works - Resident Evil and Street Fighter II series have reached critical acclaim and sold millions


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