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Moment Wireless Karaoke Soundbar (Gen2)

AC Ryan

  • RM 1,64000

With the success of the Moment wireless karaoke soundbar, we now bring you Moment wireless karaoke soundbar (Gen2). Sporting the same soundbar which is only 16′ long but more powerful than before. This compact soundbar comes built-in with its full spectrum mixer, complete with two UHF wireless microphones & subwoofer to serve your entertainment needs. Whether it’s singing karaoke, listening to music, enjoying a movie at home or even gaming – Moment wireless karaoke soundbar (Gen2) does it all minus the cable mess.



  • 3D Surround fills the room with realistic, immersive audio
  • UHF Wireless Microphone system lets you enjoy karaoke without cable mess
  • Plug & Play any media device using AUX/Optical/Bluetooth connection
  • Bluetooth technology allows for wireless streaming and impromptu karaoke fix

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