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Next Level Racing Wheel Stand

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Next Level

  • RM 1,17000

  • Rock solid wheel stand yet can be folded in less than 5 seconds to stand vertically whilst all electronics are attached
  • Completely compatible and pre-drilled for all major wheels on the market including Thrustmaster & Logitech
  • Completely adjustable to suit different sized users and preferences
  • Great Entry Point : Can be upgraded to a full racing, flight or motion simulator cockpit
  • Modern design and appearance



  • Dual arm support for rock solid stability (no uncomfortable/annoying pole between your legs)
  • Fully adjustable steering wheel height
  • Pedals are situated at a realistic inclined angle and the pedal plate is also fully adjustable to have your pedals closer or further from you.
  • Perfect and realistic gear shifter position
  • Rubber protectors for stability as well as protecting your floor
  • Checker Plated pedal plate
  • Folds away in less than 5 seconds, easy 1-step action!
  • The wheelstand has the ability to stand vertically by itself when folded to hide behind a door or can be tucked away horizontally underneath the bed
  • Comes almost fully assembled so you can start racing in minutes.


What's included?

  • Next Level Racing Wheel Stand
  • Gear shifter adaptor
  • Screws to hardmount your Logitech, Fanatec or Thrustmaster wheel
  • Comes almost fully assembled so you will be up and racing in minutes
  • Tools included for assembly.



  • Compatible with all wheel and pedal setups as well as being predrilled for Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels and includes screws to hardmount.
  • Thrustmaster Wheels: Tx 458, T500 RS, T300RS, T300 Ferrari Edition, 458 Italia, Spider Xbone, T80
  • Fanatec Wheels: All Fanatec wheels on the market.
  • Logitech Wheels: G25, G27, G290, G29
  • Mad Catz Wheels: All Mad Catz wheels on the market

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