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Sonic Mania Plus (PS4)

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  • RM 10100

Tuck and roll your way through new and classic zones in Sonic Mania Plus for PlayStation 4. This platforming game combines favorite stages from previous titles with new adventures and playable characters. Challenge friends in competition mode, or partner with other players in co-op mode to defeat Dr. Eggman and his army of robots in Sonic Mania Plus.



  • A true, classic Sonic experience: Gorgeous pixel graphics featuring a variety of new Zones with iconic favorites from Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic The Hedgehog CD
  • Definitive version: Pristine, high-quality HD version to enjoy Sonic and his friends as they face off against Dr. Eggman and his new robo-henchmen the Hard Boiled Heavies
  • New characters join the fun with Sonic
  • All-new Encore mode
  • New and improved features including Competition mode

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