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Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller


  • RM 20500

Take control of your virtual-reality experience with this pair of Sony PlayStation Move intuitive controllers. Advanced motion sensors and light tracking technology let you perform gestures smoothly, and the ergonomic design provides easy access to the trigger and buttons. Enjoy using the rechargeable Sony PlayStation Move intuitive controller for up to 10 hours per charge.



  • The motion controller work together with the PlayStation Camera to track both fast and subtle movements with astounding precision. An ergonomic design makes wielding everything from ancient swords to cooking spatulas easy and intuitive
  • Advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology
  • Easily accessible trigger and face buttons
  • Immersive vibration feedback
  • Rechargeable batteries provide long hours of play
  • Control the action from almost anywhere in the room without cords getting in the way thanks to wireless technology
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR gaming consoles

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