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Hori Tactical Assault Commander Keypad Type K1 for PS3 and PS4

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  • RM 58800

This innovative mini keyboard and mouse will give you PC-style control and precision for first-person shooter games played on the PS4. This version gives you a small keyboard for your left hand, with a standard key layout and no thumbstick; the cable on the mouse points upward so it won't drag or catch on your surroundings! The mouse has 8 sensitivity settings. The software is included for setup and configuration.



  • Recommended for the gamer who want to play FPS games with PC-style control and precision.
  • They keypad and mouse come with 19 and 7 buttons respectively, which can be assigned.
  • Store up to 26 different profiles containing different button assignments and sensitivity settings.
  • The button arrangement follows the familiar PC keyboard design.

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