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Moga Hero Power Controller for Android - GameShop Malaysia

Moga Hero Power Controller for Android

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  • RM 22000

Transform your Android smartphone or tablet into a mobile gaming system with the Moga Hero Power. The Moga Hero Power has a design and button layout similar to traditional console controllers, offering you superior game control. This slim, portable controller automatically pairs with your mobile device using Bluetooth technology, and charges your phone while you play. For greater security, the Moga S. M. R. T. Lock Arm attaches the controller to your smartphone and holds it securely in place.



  • Portable, slim design for gaming on the go. 100+ great games are compatible with this controller.
  • Charge your phone while you play with a rechargeable 1800 mAh battery
  • Offers precision controls with dual clickable analog sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, a D-pad, and four action buttons
  • Includes a Micro-B charging cable and a Moga Boost charging cable
  • Compatible with Android 2,3+ devices

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