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Playseat L33T Black Gaming Chair

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  • RM 1,82100

The ultimate all round gaming chair is here: Playseat L33T! For the people that want the best, most comfortable, most fun gaming experience, Playseat introduces the Playseat L33T. It doesn't matter which game you play and it doesn't matter if you use an Xbox, PlayStation or PC: this is the elite gaming chair you need!



  • Tailored to the gamer
  • Perfect mixed foam: soft enough for hours of gaming, sturdy enough to last long and provide feedback if feedback devices are used
  • Patented and unique lightweight metal foot design
  • Backward swivel movement, allows reclining of the backrest for a relaxing position
  • Forward swivel movement, allows for support while in gaming position
  • Extra high, fully adjustable arm rest, featuring up/down, forward/backward and left/right movement
  • Unique, patented belt hole design
  • Frame prepared for future upgrades

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